Tim Farron’s resignation marks the Triumph of Illiberalism

The idea that a Christian leader in the UK feels uncomfortable expressing their religious beliefs marks a significant moment in our history. Can you imagine the press targeting Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher (or even that Liberal titan William Gladstone) for their belief in the Word? Of course not.

I always liked Tim Farron because he is an honest, decent chap; and he has far more in common with the common man than Jeremy Corbyn or Nigel Farage. But whatever a leader’s credentials are, surely it is these (and their policies) which should be questioned during elections. This was not the case with Tim, who received hardly any media exposure – except for the endless scrutiny about his religious beliefs and the implication for same-sex couples. For Tim, both no news, and news, meant bad news.

I am not saying that his religious beliefs are irrelevant; and he should have understood the implications before he entered frontline politics. But if Britain prides itself in being a liberal democracy, it has shown itself to be a traitor to liberalism by ousting the leader of the Liberal Democrats. It’s as if they wilfully ignored who was responsible for securing the passage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act in 2013, even if Farron did abstain from voting for later amendments of the bill.

The witch hunt for Tim Farron is symptomatic of the way in which British society (or rather the “liberal” press based in London) values cosmopolitanism and progressivism more than a truly liberal society. As a result, the British public were given a skewered view of Tim, his party and its policies during the recent General Election.

More fool us. More fool liberal democracy.


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