More in Common?

The ash-strewn debris of a faulty and ignored monolith now marks a dark stain on the London skyline. Not far away the bloodshed from two consecutive terror attacks has permanently stained our streets and its citizens. In Manchester parents and relatives will forever mourn the loss of innocence, and across the country the things which divide us can be pinpointed on a map.

#MoreInCommon is the slogan being used to commemorate the death of the MP Jo Cox a year ago. But how accurate is it?

Britain today is in complete turmoil as the unprecedented political uncertainty, Islamic extremism and stark inequalities threaten the fabric of our society. If war was still an acceptable means of settling conflict then Britain would look something like 20th century Ireland or the current Middle East.

Thankfully and rightfully this is no longer the case. But we are paying a heavy price for the alternative. Anger is being channeled through cowardly acts of manslaughter whilst our political system descends into frantic incompetence. Left and Right do not understand themselves let alone each other. The Anglican Church is on the brink of schism, antisemitism infects the Labour Party and radical Islam strikes again and again. Multicultural Britain hates Great Britain; Rural Britain hates Urban Britain; Young Britain hates Old Britain; and Jihadist Britain hates Britain itself.

Arguably the British people have never had less in common. At the moment, no single God, creed or party can unite us. A rock concert and an empty slogan can’t erase the fact that Jo Cox, and many since, have paid the ultimate price.nintchdbpict000331467305


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