Brexit Britain Must Rethink the Monarchy

In the aftermath of the horror last week in Kensington much was made of the inspiring leadership provided by the Queen. Unlike the Prime Minister, Elizabeth II looked the West End in the eye. And yet this morning the newspapers have reported that no member of the Royal Family wants to play King anymore (according to Prince Harry).

Of course, one of the great ironies of the British Monarchy is that is revered far more by other countries than it is by the British public. In any debate concerning its suitability in the 21st century the argument that it serves as a great magnet for tourism always prevails. But as analysis provided by Business Insider highlights ( the Royals’ service for the British tourist industry is far outweighed by the cost to maintain them. A cost that is paid by the British taxpayer.

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union it is far from advisable to create more constitutional uncertainty. And Elizabeth II represents all that is admirable about monarchy and how it leads by duty, humility and longevity.

But Brexit has exposed so much that is wrong with Britain today. The paradox of having a Parliament that is theoretically sovereign and yet subordinate to the EU; disenfranchisement on an industrial scale compounded by an unfair voting system; the bite-back of devolving power to Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland but not in England; an overgrown House of Lords that disobeys convention; a judicial system that is branded “enemy of the people”; and now a Royal Family that questions its very purpose.

If the Royals don’t want to lead then perhaps it is time for them to go. Britain voted to Take Back Control in 2016 – perhaps the Monarchy will be the next target. That would provide plenty of cash for the NHS.


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