The Dark Strain of Democracy

A few weeks ago on the political programme Question Time an audience member had to be ejected by the host David Dimbleby after refusing to stop heckling.

This week the judge chosen to head the Grenfell Tower Inquiry faced calls to step down (even though the inquiry has not yet started); when he looked residents in the eye for three hours during a meeting he was jeered and heckled.

Meanwhile, 1 in 5 of Labour MPs have appeared on a hit list concocted by the organisation fuelling the Corbyn Revolution, Momentum, and have been threatened with deselection should they not apologise for failing to support Mr Corbyn and get “on board”.

What all of these incidents confirm is that British democracy is currently hostage to a highly intolerant, illiberal politics; this weakens debate, strengthens bigotry and prevents progress.

This is the kind of democracy which Robespierre, Lenin and Hitler favoured.

Britain must wake up to this. The Labour Party now has an 8-point lead in the polls – they have momentum on their side. But make no mistake, for all their talk of a new kind of politics, what Labour really represents under Jeremy Corbyn is the kind of politics depicted above. They will scream, shout, terrorise and delude their way into power; and once there, they will be a disservice to the system that put them there.

Winston Churchill once said that ‘democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others’. He was right, and we about to find this out for ourselves.


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