Enemy at the Gates

Babylon was conquered by the Persians; Rome was conquered by the Goths; Communism was conquered by Capitalism. All empires fall. All civilising projects come to an end.

As our statues fall one-by-one the world over, the civilising mission ushered in by the Renaissance and the Enlightenment enters its final hour. The old guard, armed with Bible in one hand and weapon in the other, is finished. Rhodes must fall, Lee must fall, Nelson must fall, Cook must fall; so too will Washington, Churchill and even Jesus Christ. They represent everything that is wrong – everything that is evil – with the world today. Empire. War. Whiteness.

For though it was the Goths who sacked Rome, it was an idea which brought down the Roman Empire. That idea, which we now know as Christianity, turned the existing order on its head: the slaves were the masters, the meek were the powerful, the dead were alive.

That same process is happening today. The recent and ongoing terrorist attacks in Europe – which have robbed three hundred innocent lives in the last two years alone – left statesmen barely batting an eyelid. Indeed, after each atrocity our leaders stand together in defiance and in defence of western values. Soon enough however, there will be no values left to defend.

Some call this liberalism, others political correctness; whatever it will come to be known as, it eats at the heart of our civilisation. And just as Constantine I converted the Roman Empire to Christianity, so too will our leaders convert to this new slave morality. Senator Cory Booker, who may one day run for President of the United States, just sponsored a bill to remove all Confederate statues from the US Capitol.

Westerners beware, the enemy is at the gates. And unless you convert, there will be blood.




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