A Party in Disrepute

No more “Zombie Blairites”. No more Carl Sargeant. And no more ‘trite journalism’. Deselection, suicide and rudeness is the legacy of the current Labour Party; a telling and worrying portrait of a party which this blog believes will soon be in power.

Of course, foolish ideas, financial illiteracy and general incompetence are one thing. Both Dianne Abbott and John McDonnell have not been able to produce figures for spending plans in live interviews. This is, as journalist Nick Ferrari has argued, ‘very, very frightening’. Yet even more frightening is the attitude which senior Labour figures have – the attitude which brandishes Mao’s Little Red Book one minute, and blames incompetence on not having access to an iPad the next.

But it gets worse. The horrors listed above are only a snapshot of a movement which began under the banner of “Straight talking. Honest politics”. Look as Seamus Milne, Jeremy Corbyn’s Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, who has defended the policies of Joseph Stalin. Look at a recent poll which reveals that over 80% of British Jews believe that the Labour Party is too accepting of anti-Semitism. Indeed, in the past year alone Ken Livingstone and Naz Shah have been suspended by the party for anti-Semitic comments. Look at the newly elected MP for Kensington, the representative of constituents in and around the Grenfell Tower, who recently called a Conservative MP a ‘token ghetto boy’.

Readers, the signs are there. The Labour Party is firmly within the grasp of a Hard Left cabal. Not only are they misguided, but they are intolerant too. It is time for Labour MPs, members and supporters to disassociate themselves from the party leadership. To be a “moderate” is not to be a “Blairite” or a “Brownite” – it is to be tolerant. The same cannot be said of Corbynites.

Labour grew out of nonconformist movement. The Party prides itself on being a broad-church. But in its current guise there is no room for nonconformity. Labour is in disrepute.


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