Austerity Is Fake News

It’s 1950 and Britain is on its knees. Destroyed houses, vacant bomb sites, temporary prefabs, rationing (which did not end until 1954) and a level of income tax twice the level it is today. Natural disasters – which are now blamed on austerity – are devastating: five days of smog killed over 4000 people in […]

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3 Reasons Corbyn Shouldn’t Be Trusted

1) Unstraightforward, dishonest politics Much has been made of Jeremy Corbyn’s fresh approach to politics. His first slogan after all was ‘Straight Talking, Honest Politics’. The Maybot’s ‘strong and stable’ mantra, a textbook case of spin, made Corbyn look even more honest. And yet, both of May’s spin doctors resigned in the wake of the […]

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More in Common?

The ash-strewn debris of a faulty and ignored monolith now marks a dark stain on the London skyline. Not far away the bloodshed from two consecutive terror attacks has permanently stained our streets and its citizens. In Manchester parents and relatives will forever mourn the loss of innocence, and across the country the things which […]

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Spread The Word

Much has been made of the present situation and its relation to a “post-truth” world of “alternative facts”. This is nonsense and serves ideological ends. What is true is that there is no such thing as truth; there is only consensus as to what is supposed to be true. It is the job of this […]

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