Good Morning Britain

During the EU Referendum Campaign the Chancellor George Osborne accused the Leave side of promising a ‘make-believe land of milk and honey’ outside the European Union. A year later and Britain is still to find the milk and honey route. Brexit still means relatively little while negotiations with Europe are ongoing and still fruitless. But, … Continue reading Good Morning Britain


Dunkirk and Nostalgia

It’s 1940 and the Allied forces are on the brink of collapse. More precisely, hundreds of thousands of young men, most of them belonging to the British Expeditionary Force, are stranded on the beaches at Dunkirk. Their strategy is dead in the water and their only thought is survival. Only luck can save them, and … Continue reading Dunkirk and Nostalgia

Brexit Must Happen

The point about free trade is that it’s free. No strings attached. I sell you what I have and you sell me what you have. Everybody wins. No tariffs. No political obligations. No conflict of interest. The European Union is wholly opposed to this. No one denies that Brexit is a risk and it will … Continue reading Brexit Must Happen

Repeal, Reuse, Recycle

Everything is about Brexit, except Brexit, which is about power. That much was clear from the Leave Campaign’s key message in 2016: Take Back Control. What the Great Repeal Bill (published today) demonstrates is that taking back control is far more difficult than the slogan suggests. Ever since Britain joined the European Union the UK … Continue reading Repeal, Reuse, Recycle

Brexit Britain Must Rethink the Monarchy

In the aftermath of the horror last week in Kensington much was made of the inspiring leadership provided by the Queen. Unlike the Prime Minister, Elizabeth II looked the West End in the eye. And yet this morning the newspapers have reported that no member of the Royal Family wants to play King anymore (according … Continue reading Brexit Britain Must Rethink the Monarchy

In order to declare independence, Britain must declare allegiance

Imagine this: as the Brexit negotiations reach a stalemate within the first hours of battle, David Davis bangs his fist on the table, looks Michel Barnier directly in the eye and says: ‘You are infringing upon our rights as Europeans!’  The Confederacy of the United States, the Republic of Ireland and even current designs for … Continue reading In order to declare independence, Britain must declare allegiance

More in Common?

The ash-strewn debris of a faulty and ignored monolith now marks a dark stain on the London skyline. Not far away the bloodshed from two consecutive terror attacks has permanently stained our streets and its citizens. In Manchester parents and relatives will forever mourn the loss of innocence, and across the country the things which … Continue reading More in Common?