Socialism Strikes Back

This is a non-partisan blog.  A few months ago this blog argued that ‘conservatism isn’t working’. That diagnosis is now clearer than ever. As the Conservative Party struggles to navigate Britain’s exit from the European Union, the Paradise Papers have ensnared its leading donor, Lord Aschroft, while parliamentary sex scandals have humiliated party grandees. Meanwhile, … Continue reading Socialism Strikes Back


Your Country Needs…Someone

British Conservatives see themselves as on-deck captains steering the country through rough seas. They have expertise, they know the route and they are in command. And yet, the comedy of errors which unfolded in Manchester yesterday speaks volumes. The Chancellor of the Exchequer handing the Prime Minister cough sweets on stage; a prankster issuing that … Continue reading Your Country Needs…Someone

Good Morning Britain

During the EU Referendum Campaign the Chancellor George Osborne accused the Leave side of promising a ‘make-believe land of milk and honey’ outside the European Union. A year later and Britain is still to find the milk and honey route. Brexit still means relatively little while negotiations with Europe are ongoing and still fruitless. But, … Continue reading Good Morning Britain

Dunkirk and Nostalgia

It’s 1940 and the Allied forces are on the brink of collapse. More precisely, hundreds of thousands of young men, most of them belonging to the British Expeditionary Force, are stranded on the beaches at Dunkirk. Their strategy is dead in the water and their only thought is survival. Only luck can save them, and … Continue reading Dunkirk and Nostalgia

Only Fools and Horses

The BBC was cloaked in controversy this week after the salaries of its presenters paid £150,000 or more were made public. Not only were the sums a shock for their amount (they reach up to £2.2 million), but also because they revealed the disparity between the rates at which female and male presenters were paid. … Continue reading Only Fools and Horses

Brexit Must Happen

The point about free trade is that it’s free. No strings attached. I sell you what I have and you sell me what you have. Everybody wins. No tariffs. No political obligations. No conflict of interest. The European Union is wholly opposed to this. No one denies that Brexit is a risk and it will … Continue reading Brexit Must Happen

The Health Service has become a Health Warning

Today is the 69th birthday of the National Health Service, a much-lauded institution in Britain which has become a national treasure synonymous with Westminster, the BBC and James Bond. It was established in 1948 largely thanks to the efforts of Labour Health Minister Aneurin Bevan; but it was also a hangover from experience of state-control … Continue reading The Health Service has become a Health Warning

Austerity Is Fake News

It’s 1950 and Britain is on its knees. Destroyed houses, vacant bomb sites, temporary prefabs, rationing (which did not end until 1954) and a level of income tax twice the level it is today. Natural disasters – which are now blamed on austerity – are devastating: five days of smog killed over 4000 people in … Continue reading Austerity Is Fake News

Brexit Britain Must Rethink the Monarchy

In the aftermath of the horror last week in Kensington much was made of the inspiring leadership provided by the Queen. Unlike the Prime Minister, Elizabeth II looked the West End in the eye. And yet this morning the newspapers have reported that no member of the Royal Family wants to play King anymore (according … Continue reading Brexit Britain Must Rethink the Monarchy

The Right Dishonourable Opposition

We have now had the State Opening of Parliament. The Parliament of the United Kingdom is sitting and the government can be held to account. Or can it? Whatever your personal views are about ritual and tradition, it is surely your duty as a member of Her Majesty's Opposition to accept and obey them. And … Continue reading The Right Dishonourable Opposition