The Dark Strain of Democracy

A few weeks ago on the political programme Question Time an audience member had to be ejected by the host David Dimbleby after refusing to stop heckling. This week the judge chosen to head the Grenfell Tower Inquiry faced calls to step down (even though the inquiry has not yet started); when he looked residents … Continue reading The Dark Strain of Democracy


3 Reasons Corbyn Shouldn’t Be Trusted

1) Unstraightforward, dishonest politics Much has been made of Jeremy Corbyn's fresh approach to politics. His first slogan after all was 'Straight Talking, Honest Politics'. The Maybot's 'strong and stable' mantra, a textbook case of spin, made Corbyn look even more honest. And yet, both of May's spin doctors resigned in the wake of the … Continue reading 3 Reasons Corbyn Shouldn’t Be Trusted

The Right Dishonourable Opposition

We have now had the State Opening of Parliament. The Parliament of the United Kingdom is sitting and the government can be held to account. Or can it? Whatever your personal views are about ritual and tradition, it is surely your duty as a member of Her Majesty's Opposition to accept and obey them. And … Continue reading The Right Dishonourable Opposition