A Party in Disrepute

No more “Zombie Blairites”. No more Carl Sargeant. And no more ‘trite journalism’. Deselection, suicide and rudeness is the legacy of the current Labour Party; a telling and worrying portrait of a party which this blog believes will soon be in power. Of course, foolish ideas, financial illiteracy and general incompetence are one thing. Both … Continue reading A Party in Disrepute


Socialism Strikes Back

This is a non-partisan blog.  A few months ago this blog argued that ‘conservatism isn’t working’. That diagnosis is now clearer than ever. As the Conservative Party struggles to navigate Britain’s exit from the European Union, the Paradise Papers have ensnared its leading donor, Lord Aschroft, while parliamentary sex scandals have humiliated party grandees. Meanwhile, … Continue reading Socialism Strikes Back

What Happened? The economy, stupid

In recent weeks former US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has been promoting her new book What Happened? In it, Clinton gives her own verdict on her defeat to Donald Trump in 2016 – something which Clinton has since admitted she did not expect. The 2016 presidential election was one of the closest elections in American … Continue reading What Happened? The economy, stupid

In order to declare independence, Britain must declare allegiance

Imagine this: as the Brexit negotiations reach a stalemate within the first hours of battle, David Davis bangs his fist on the table, looks Michel Barnier directly in the eye and says: ‘You are infringing upon our rights as Europeans!’  The Confederacy of the United States, the Republic of Ireland and even current designs for … Continue reading In order to declare independence, Britain must declare allegiance

More in Common?

The ash-strewn debris of a faulty and ignored monolith now marks a dark stain on the London skyline. Not far away the bloodshed from two consecutive terror attacks has permanently stained our streets and its citizens. In Manchester parents and relatives will forever mourn the loss of innocence, and across the country the things which … Continue reading More in Common?

Tim Farron’s resignation marks the Triumph of Illiberalism

The idea that a Christian leader in the UK feels uncomfortable expressing their religious beliefs marks a significant moment in our history. Can you imagine the press targeting Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher (or even that Liberal titan William Gladstone) for their belief in the Word? Of course not. I always liked Tim Farron because he … Continue reading Tim Farron’s resignation marks the Triumph of Illiberalism

Spread The Word

Much has been made of the present situation and its relation to a “post-truth” world of “alternative facts”. This is nonsense and serves ideological ends. What is true is that there is no such thing as truth; there is only consensus as to what is supposed to be true. It is the job of this … Continue reading Spread The Word