We Need to Talk About Kevin

‘Everything in the world is about sex. Except sex, which is about power’. The words of Oscar Wilde, spoken by Kevin Spacey, in the role of Frank Underwood. Dramatic irony dictates that Spacey’s career now lies in ruin after a week of allegations have been made against him, ranging from intimidating behaviour to sexual assault. … Continue reading We Need to Talk About Kevin


Is Donald really WORSE than Kim?

At the centre of the nuclear face-off between North Korea and the United States lies the indomitable egos of its two leading protagonists. Just before the presidential election last year Oxford University released a speculative psychopathy test ranking Donald Trump ahead of Adolf Hitler. Kim Jong-un‘s disregard for human life is self-evident. This is a … Continue reading Is Donald really WORSE than Kim?

Repeal, Reuse, Recycle

Everything is about Brexit, except Brexit, which is about power. That much was clear from the Leave Campaign’s key message in 2016: Take Back Control. What the Great Repeal Bill (published today) demonstrates is that taking back control is far more difficult than the slogan suggests. Ever since Britain joined the European Union the UK … Continue reading Repeal, Reuse, Recycle