Socialism Strikes Back

This is a non-partisan blog.  A few months ago this blog argued that ‘conservatism isn’t working’. That diagnosis is now clearer than ever. As the Conservative Party struggles to navigate Britain’s exit from the European Union, the Paradise Papers have ensnared its leading donor, Lord Aschroft, while parliamentary sex scandals have humiliated party grandees. Meanwhile, … Continue reading Socialism Strikes Back


What Happened? The economy, stupid

In recent weeks former US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has been promoting her new book What Happened? In it, Clinton gives her own verdict on her defeat to Donald Trump in 2016 – something which Clinton has since admitted she did not expect. The 2016 presidential election was one of the closest elections in American … Continue reading What Happened? The economy, stupid

It’s Time to Welcome King Donald

While the President of the United States sips on Diet Coke and enjoys as many scoops of ice cream as he likes, his guests are only allowed water and one scoop each. This is a penetrating insight into the current leader of the free world and tells us a lot about him. One psychologist concluded … Continue reading It’s Time to Welcome King Donald